Preparing for Halloween

As you start to decorate your haunted house for Halloween, make sure to protect your gutters. It’s important to keep those gutters clean and in perfect condition as we near the winter months. Here at Huuso, we provide our customers with tips to make sure they get the most out of their gutters.

When hanging decoration from your gutters make sure to use the proper equipment and care. That begins with the correct ladder safety.

  • Always have someone else working with you when hanging Christmas lights or decorations from a ladder or roof.
  • Make sure the ladder is on a secure and level footing before climbing.
  • Space the base of the ladder one foot away from the wall for every four feet it reaches up.
  • Stay centered between the rails of the ladder.
  • Do not overreach to hang lights or decorations—move the ladder.
  • Do not stand on the ladder’s top two rungs.
  • To reach a roof, extend the ladder at least three feet beyond the edge of the roof.

Light clips are a great way to safety hang decoration.  Another thing to consider is the weight of everything you are putting on your water collection system. Remember that the rain gutter has to support its own weight, water, and the decorations you place on it.

Watch out for pranksters

Halloween has a particular problem you must consider – the awful pranks. If you are the victim of an unpleasant prankster, you might have to clean up all the mess they leave behind. First, check your rain gutters and look for any foreign objects. If you find something, remove it. Also, verify your downspouts to see if they have been the target of an awful prank. Look for shaving cream, one of pranksters’ favorite things to use for their antics. When shaving cream dries up, it can be very difficult to remove. If it does, use a damp cloth to remove it. Pranksters use toilet paper too, and it is likely that when you find it, it will already be dry, so you will need some time to remove it. Make sure to protect your gutters from pranksters.

Most importantly, Happy Halloween from all of us at Huuso!

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