Smoke and Odor Damage Restoration Commercial and Residential Services

When a fire occurs at your home or business, some of the damage is related to smoke. Similarly, mold damage can result in a lingering odor long after the mold is gone. At Restoration Authority, our certified and highly trained technicians will remove odors, smoke and soot from ceilings, walls and other surfaces.  Call us today.

What Causes Odors?

Fire & Smoke

In the case of a house fire, smoke, soot and associated odors can linger long after the fire is over. Not only do are you left with a building to restore from the fire but smoke can penetrate areas where the fire did not reach. If smoke damage goes untreated, not only does it smell but you could be breathing smoke particles into your lungs. Smoke seeps into drywall, wood and textiles, and fine, toxic soot can coat and damage a range of materials, leading to stains, residue and permeating odors with increased health risks.

Water & Mold

Where there are pipes, there is always an opportunity for leaks, water damage, and mold growth.  If left untreated, water damage can damage the structure, foundation and integrity of your home or business. It can also cause a persistent mildew smell and encourage the growth of pesky, sometimes dangerous mold spores.

Source Removal

We safely remove items that cause odor.

Structure Cleaning

We clean your home or business to ensure safety.  

Air Cleaning + Purification

We clean safely your air to be free of odor + smoke.  

HVAC Cleaning

Cleaning out HVAC and duct systems will ensure safe living conditions.

Structure Sealing

We apply a coating that blocks stains and prevents odors.

Thermal Fogging

A deodorizer is heated and sprayed in a fog form for hard to reach places. 

Ozone Treatment

Ozone is the strongest oxidant for disinfecting water and sanitization. 

Hydroxyl Treatment

Hydroxyls do not just mask the odors but effectively eliminate them. 

What’s New in Smoke + Odor Damage

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