With years of experience in the commercial exterior industry, Huuso Commercial Exterior is the premier choice for commercial building owners, apartment building owners, property managers and homeowners associations for gutter and downspout installation and replacement. Old or poorly installed gutters can cause a variety of problems, including roof and structural damage. If you need to update your building’s gutter system, we’re here to help. Huuso Commercial Exteriors offers premium gutters designed to protect your property. We use only high-quality materials to give building managers peace of mind. And there is no single project that is too big or too small. At Huuso Commercial Exteriors, we are committed to complete customer satisfaction in every gutter installation we undertake. Our installers are committed to quality workmanship, and we make it our business focus on all details.

With a wide variety of choices, styles, materials, and colors there isn’t much that we haven’t seen and even less that we can’t do. From oversized K-Shaped gutters to custom box gutter, we can help you with your project of any size and shape imaginable. We offer a variety of gutter protection options and services such as repair, maintenance, and installation.

5″ and 6″ Type K Gutter Systems
A K style type gutter with 5″ and 6″ opening is commonly used in both residential and commercial buildings. We’ve installed this style of gutter for miles on condominium buildings, townhouses, shingle commercial buildings and in all situations where roof-collected water does not exceed the maximum gutter capacity of this size. Available in 5″ and 6″ seamless aluminum versions. We can also make these sizes out of real copper. Fun Fact: A 5-inch gutter holds 1.2 gallons of water per foot. A 6-inch gutter holds about 2 gallons of water per foot in length.

7” Type K Gutter Systems
7″ gutters are more commonly used on commercial roofs. The larger the roof, the more water gutters must collect. It is best to get a professional assessment of your situation to make sure a gutter of this size is suitable for your building. We will consider the slope (how steep) of the roof, the size of the roof (in square feet), and other factors that can affect the flow of water.

8” Type K Gutter System
The 8″ K-gutter is the largest available in this type of gutter. These gutters are seamless but are 10 and 20 feet long and are sealed at seams. Gutters of this size are perfect for flat roofs that collect a lot of water then slowly moves along the roof to the gutter. Huuso Commercial Exteriors can customize gutters of any size and shape needed to successfully collect rainwater from your roof. We’ve can build gutters for buildings from churches to shopping centers, factories to industrial parks, schools to warehouse complexes. Whatever the profile and capacity of the gutter you need, we can manufacture and install it.