Your Documents and Data can be Recovered

When you experience an unforeseen loss, such as a fire or a flood, it’s important to respond quickly. This includes recovering as much critical documentation and as many sentimental items as possible.  At Restoration Authority, we understand how sensitive your data is. This is why we operate with discretion and confidentiality. We utilize cutting-edge technology and the most effective equipment in the industry.  Our specialists are trained and experienced in document recovery and document restoration. Thanks to advances in technology and equipment, we can restore almost any type of document.

Additionally, a lot of our valuable data and documents are on our computers and other electronics. When those are damaged, it is hard to get that information back. Emphatically, Restoration Authority provides services in data and document recovery to get back those files.

Basically document restoration and data recovery services are designed to provide fast, efficient and high-quality service. But still meet the strictest security and confidentiality requirements. No matter what the damage—water damage, humidity, mold, smoke, or fire—we have the expertise and capabilities to return documents, books, and media to a usable state. Don’t give up on your documents and data. Turn it over to the professionals. The damage is done. Let the restoration begin.

Digital Data Recovery

We will try to recover data and documents from damaged electronics.

Ozone Treatment

Ozone is the strongest oxidant for disinfecting water and sanitization.

Hydroxyl Treatment

Hydroxyls do not just mask the odors but effectively eliminate them.


We help you digitalize your records for protection and safe keeping.

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