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Huuso is a licensed Unlimited Roofing contractor specializing in roof installation and repairs. Our residential roofing contractors specialize in identifying issues and providing the professional recommendation you need to solve the problem. Rest assured, Huuso understands the level of urgency when you are dealing with roof issues. In many cases, we can install your new roof system next day.

Huuso Exteriors installation teams are experienced in all types of roofing systems. Each team is assigned a Project Manager to oversee the installation process. Here are some of the most common roof systems:

3-Tab Shingles

3-Tab Shingles

Affordability meets functionality! 3-tab asphalt shingles are one piece and a single layer. This makes them the most basic and economical example on the market. 3-tab shingles consist of a durable fiberglass basemat with a coat of mineral granules. This gives each piece varying color tones.

3-tab shingles are lightweight and designed to withstand the elements for about 20 years or more and are easy to recognize by their clean, horizontal appearance. Their exposed layer is notched (usually into three tabs, hence 3-tab moniker) to give a more decorative appearance. 3-tab shingles may be a good choice for homeowners on budget.

Unfortunately, 3-tab shingles lack some of the aesthetic qualities of dimensional and luxury shingles. Blow-off — which is exactly what it sounds like — is also a threat to aging or poorly installed 3-tab shingles in rough weather conditions. 3-tab shingles still protect your home from the elements. The day of the 3-tab shingle, however, is passing. You’ll most commonly find 3-tab shingles on new economy homes or older houses that were built with 3-tab shingle roofs.

Architectural Shingles
Designer Shingles
Wood Shake


We had storm damage on our roof and the team at Huuso was amazing. Other roofers wouldn't touch our house because of the insurance claim and our company. Mark, Reuben and the team dealt with our insurance company, which was a nightmare, and got us everything we deserved. Having a mansard roof they spent several days at our house. The team was professional, proficient and took care of our property. They did a great job cleaning up each night and at the end of the project. With their help we were able to bring new life back to our house. Mark was available to us any time we reached out and even stopped by to help discuss our concerns, bring samples and meet with the insurance company so we didn't have to be there. I would not hesitate to use their company.

-Melissa F. (Kelly), Yorkville, IL

Our roof was deteriorating and twice the insurance company refused to cover it, citing "no visible damage." My wife gave it one more shot and contacted Huuso which brought Mark to our door. Mark told us he would continue to fight with the insurance company until they covered our claim and unbelievably, was able to do just that. The price was fair and the work was done quickly and professionally. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a new roof or is having trouble with his or her insurance company - Mark will fight for you.

-Dorian J., Plainfield, IL

This experience could have been a nightmare if we didn’t have Mark and the Huuso team. Mark really took the time to work with us and our insurance company! He diligently fought for us to make the insurance understand the local codes and finally got them to approve our claim! We were putting our home on the market and Mark made sure to get it taken care of for us so we could get the house listed in the timeframe we were working with! He came out the day of the storm damage and has been with us every step of the process! The roof turned out amazing and the crew was professional, friendly and took extra measures to keep the property clean! From start to finish, they have been wonderful to work with! I highly suggest if you’re looking to have work done on your roof or gutters CALL HUUSO! Mark is great!

-Lindsay H., Big Rock, IL

From the initial meeting with Mark L. I had a great feeling about hiring Huuso. I myself am in Commercial Millwork and continually have my eye on perfection on the job site. From the straight margins, drip edge installation, super clean shingle installation and flashing at all locations, it is a superb job. I will absolutely recommend but also encourage Huuso for your upcoming repair or new installation project. To all of the employees, be very proud of the wonderful job you completed.

-Damian C., Naperville, IL

I did have my roof replaced with Huuso exteriors and after struggling with 2 other companies back and forth never had the approval from insurance for other companies. Then when I finally found Husso exteriors from time they we start inspections to insurance approval only did take 17 days including installation.
Great, fast and clean Professional team from inspectors ,installers all the way. I recommend Huuso exteriors to everyone.

-Livio S., Aurora, IL

Best contractor we have ever hired. They were professional and honest from start to finish and do fantastic work! Our roof looks amazing, thank you! They fought hard with our insurance company for us and we wouldn’t have a new roof without them. Thank you!!

-Michele P., Minooka, IL

Huuso assisted so much in making sure my roof was done in a professional matter. With insurance company trying to get out of replacing the roof even though it had hail damage and 2 layer. They were persistent in making sure I was taken care of. I so much recommend Huuso to you. Thank you so much Mark!!!!!

-Gabriel M., Shorewood, IL

This guys are awesome, they handle my insurance claim flawlessly and promptly. Big kudos to Mitch Goodale he was very professional and kind.

-Agustin A., Plainfield, IL

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