Your Belongings can be Restored

When fire or water damage occur, it can impact a lot more that just your home or business. Of course, the items in your home are just as important as the walls that surround them.  Similarly, we know that the contents are what turn a house into a home and help run a business. Consequently, Restoration Authority will help restore your home or business back to normal, inside and out with content restoration.

You can trust Restoration Authority to handle your personal belongings and business items with care. Your property will be safely documented, cleaned, and stored until it can be safely returned to you. Accordingly, we use ultra-sonic cleaning and sublimation to restore your belongings to their previous condition or better. Before you discard any personal belongings, contact us. We can help with content restoration.


The moisture is turned into a gas to remove it from the object.

Ultra-Sonic Cleaning

Items are submerged in a tank and hit with high-frequency sound waves.

Electronic Restoration 

Process of assessing, testing, and cleaning technology.

Textile Restoration

Fabrics are thoroughly cleaned and restored to original state.

Taxidermy Restoration

We provide cleaning and restoration services for your mounts.

Pack-Out Storage

Removing + transporting damaged property for processing + restoration.

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