Gutter maintenance is something that should be on your yard work to-do-list if not already on there. This is especially important as we are now in the fall months with winter approaching. Regular maintenance can save you on costly repairs by preventing problems before they start. According to the National Association of Home Builders aluminum and steel rain gutters can last you up to 20 years.

At Huuso Exteriors, we recommend regular maintenance of the home- gutters included.

Checklist of recommended gutter maintenance for fall

1. Clean Out Gutters

While cats are adorable they don’t belong in gutters. This goes for debris and tree branches too. Debris can clog your gutters and prevent rain from properly flowing and draining. This can lead to water pooling and leaking over the sides resulting in damage to your home’s structure.

2. Check for Leaks or Holes

Look inside and outside the gutters to check for any visible holes. You can also run a small amount of water through your gutters to check for any leaks. If a leak is found it needs to be repaired either professionally or DIY with a small patch of metal and roofing cement.

3. Remove any Nests

To avoid any unwelcome house guests if you find a nest in your gutter and it’s empty remove it. Birds nest during the spring and by summer their nests are abandoned. During the fall it’s very unlikely to find a nest with signs of life so it’s okay to remove it.

4. Inspect Downspouts

Don’t forget to check your downspouts; like gutters you want your downspouts to be free of any debris that can cause a blockage. Clear away any weeds, overgrown plants, rocks, and other debris that can block the opening. You want the water to have a clear exit path out of the downspout. Water that pools near your home can cause damage to the foundation.

If you find yourself in need of new gutters or repairs our team at Huuso Exteriors is here to help.

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