Huuso Roof Summer Maintenance

Roof maintenance can go ignored during the summer months. Without rain or snow pounding on the roof, many home owners put the concern for what’s over their head aside.

Since roofs aren’t seen on a daily basis, an out of sight, out of mind mentality can be easy to slip into. Making it a point to routinely check your roof for repairs will help you keep it in top shape, saving you money in the long-run.

Here are a few tips for optimal summer roof maintenance:

1. Look for Damage

Now that it’s summer and your roof is clear, inspect your roof and look for any signs that might lead to an area in need repair. Look for missing shingles or damaged areas on the flashing. Note anything that doesn’t look like a healthy roof.

If you can catch problems needing small repairs in their early stages, it’ll stop them from becoming big repairs. Big repairs are not only costly but can affect the interior of your home as well. One leak can lead to major internal damage that may create a ripple effect.

If you don’t feel comfortable on the roof, Huuso Exteriors offers FREE roof inspections to make sure your home is safe. Getting your roof ready this summer is important because after all,  winter is coming.

2. Clean out your Gutters

Keeping your gutters and drains clean all year round is one of the most important things you can do for your roof. Many people clean them out during the fall because of the obvious leaf debris, but things can get stuck in there year round.

Your gutters and drains help to direct the flow of water traffic away from your roof and home. If this path becomes blocked, it won’t divert water efficiently and will create a blockage.

Blockage of water flow in your gutters and drains can cause a lot of different issues for your roof. Blockage on your systems can leave water puddling on your roof, causing damage to the decking and also your attic.

Aside from gutter blockage, check that your gutters haven’t loosened during the harsh weather months. A loose gutter paired with heavy debris can create a dangerous problem for anyone entering or exiting your home.

Though drains may not seem like part of your summer roof maintenance, they can greatly affect your roof. A great way to spot problems is by looking for shingle granules in your drains.

3. Remove and Inspect any Fungus

When doing summer roof maintenance, look for potentially dangerous fungus, algae, or mold.  Not only are these bad for your roof, they could be dangerous to the people living in the house as they start to penetrate the roof or walls of your home.

Moss accumulating on your roof can be removed, but make sure to wear work gloves and have someone steady your latter.

If the mold makes its way into your attic, this is not something you should attempt to do by yourself. Hire a professional who can remove the mold from your attic with appropriate masks and mold removal wear. Inhaling mold can come with a long list of health risks.

4. Trim your Tress as a part of Summer Roof Maintenance

Storms can accrue in any season. Even summer storms can be damaging to your home. When you’re performing your summer roof maintenance, consider the trees surrounding your roof.

If you have trees close to your home or branches that overhang on the roof, have them trimmed or removed. Large trees and branches can be not only dangerous, they can completely destroy a roof in great condition.

During the winter the weight of snow will weaken the trees surrounding your roof. By the time summer rolls around your trees may be slightly compromised. Unhealthy trees are always a risk during big storms.

Cut back the on the branches and remove any trees that look as if they could come down with a heavy gust. Removing branches that reach into your roof territory will also help to keep your gutters and drains clear. The less debris on your roof, the better.

5. Check your Vents for Damage

Ventilation is an important element in keeping your roof in good condition. Before heading to the roof or attic to check your vents, consider taking a look at your monthly utility bill. If there have been any major spikes or changes to your bill outside of normal seasonal changes, it may mean your ventilation system has an issue.

A lack of ventilation efficiency is why your bill may have changed. If you can spot ventilation issues when they are small, you can fix them before they create major roof damage.

Check the metal stripping around your vents, ridge, or chimney. During major storms, your stripping may have come loose. Replace your stripping before it deteriorates and leaves room for leaks.

Out of Sight does not mean Out of Danger

Although your roof may not be the first thing on your mind this summer, make summer roof maintenance a priority. Your roof may look okay in appearance, but upon closer inspection, you may find issues that need fixing. Spotting issues in the early stages will benefit both your home and wallet.

Having your roof inspected will alert you to any damages. It can help you spot draining problems, fungus, mold, and issues with your stripping. Hire someone to trim your trees and branches too, and your roof with be able to perform its responsibilities for your home.

If you’re ready to have your roof inspected or repaired, call us today! Huuso Exteriors is standing by to get your roof ready for any season.

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