A cleanup following a suicide can have long term physical and emotional consequences.  At Huuso Bio, we believe this is not something that should be left up to a friend or family member to perform.  Our certified technicians are prepared to not only manage the cleanup process, but also the emotional effects for the loved ones involved.


Although each situation is unique, a death cleanup or trauma cleanup is approached in four (4) phases:

  • Removal of all biological fluids – this potentially includes removal of structural items such as flooring, plus porous personal property that cannot be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Clean – during this phase we will clean all surfaces to prepare the walls for proper disinfection.
  • Disinfect – after the after all surfaces have been cleaned, we can begin our disinfection process to ensure the room is safe and nothing is left behind to be discovered at a later time.
  • Deodorize – once the area is fully disinfected the team will provide one final wash to remove any lingering residue potentially left and or odor.

It is very important to note that without proper training and equipment these sensitive situations can quickly become overwhelming.  Whether or not you choose Huuso Bio, we highly recommend that you contact a reputable Biohazard Remediation or Crime Scene Cleanup company.