When restoring a home that has smoke and odor damage or whose content needs to be restored, Restoration Authority often uses a hydroxyl treatment. The hydroxyl generators that we place in the space kill odors at the source.

What are hydroxyls? What do they do?

The hydroxyl molecules form when the ultraviolet rays of the sun react with water vapor. They have an incredibly short life span of just a few seconds. This is enough time for the hydroxyl to cause the decomposition of harmful compounds in the atmosphere. This happens because the hydroxyls form hydrogen bonds. They abstract hydrogen atoms from organic and inorganic compounds.  This initiates the free radical decomposition process. This chain reaction continues killing odor at the source.

When used to deal with bacteria, viruses, mold, fumes, gases, vapors and nasty odors, the hydroxyl radicals react with the chemicals that cause them and destroy the source of the problem. However, hydroxyl molecules do not form naturally indoors so special equipment, like a hydroxyl generator, is required for hydroxyl odor removal.

What are hydroxyl generators? What do they do?

Synthetic ultraviolet rays are created in the generator chamber. They combine with the humidity to produce hydroxyl. A fan moves contaminated air into the generator.

A second part of specialized UV  prevents fungi and mold from multiplying. Deodorized and purified air is then released back in the room. The process continues and spreads throughout the entire space. It removes odors from various porous materials. Even clothes, furniture and carpets can be decontaminated and sanitized by hydroxyl systems. They are widely used for treating odors caused by fire and smoke, water losses and mold.

Why  do I need this?

Hydroxyl traditionally competes with ozone treatments for the title of a highly preferred and most effective odor remover. And while ozone is definitely the faster agent (hydroxyl deodorization usually takes several days), hydroxyls has other important advantages:

  • The hydroxyl treatment can eliminate more odors than most treatments. It to eliminate odors caused by protein fires, fuel oil, biohazard substances and sulfur compounds that are very difficult if not impossible to remove by other deodorants.
  • Hydroxyls are among the most powerful oxidants in the world, way ahead of ozone. This process eliminates the odor rather than covering or temporarily cleaning the air.
  • Hydroxyls prevent any further bacteria growth and development. The air will be clean and will remain clean. However, remember that hydroxyls can’t go through drywalls or brick walls, so mold growing beneath these will not be eliminated.
  • Hydroxyls are perfectly safe. Neither living beings, or sensitive materials will suffer any harmful effects. Even paper, art pieces or electronics can be treated with hydroxyl at no risk. There are no concerns about health issues for people and animals and no danger of eventual damage to furniture or bleaching the fabrics. Businesses don’t need to close and residents can stay safely in their homes while hydroxyl deodorization takes place. Our team can work around the generators. This makes for a quicker restoration process.

Restoration Authority uses hydroxyl treatments for full restoration

In conclusion, hydroxyl treatment is a highly effective, safe and delicate method of deodorization. Restoration Authority’s goal is to get your home or business back to normal after a disaster. With the help of hydroxyl treatment, we can do so quickly and without having the disrupt you too much.

When disaster hits, Call Restoration Authority.

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