There are many reasons you may require our regular or emergency board up service. Some include smoke & fire restoration, flood damage, natural disasters, vandalism, break-ins, car & auto accidents, weather damage, water damage and even hawk attacks.
When issues like these arise, it can be easy to leave your home “as is” until all the repairs can be taken care of. While it might seem like there aren’t any other options, there are. Huuso Exteriors has property board up and roof covering services.

What Are Board Up Services?

Emergency board-up services include covering damaged windows, doors and other openings with plywood. Sometimes you might not be able to address a broken or damaged window right away.  In these cases it is important that you board it up to prevent further damage.  Your broken or damaged property should remain boarded up until you can it fixed by a professional.

What Are Roof Covering Services?

Roof covering services include placing a tarp over holes in your home or business’s roof to prevent water from leaking into until you can have your roof fixed properly.  While this sounds like a simple solution, identifying problems on the roof can be challenging without a thorough inspection and evaluation. But until you can hire roofers to examine the damage, we can offer you tarp services to prevent leaky areas from causing water damage in your home or business.

Why Bother With Tarp Up or Board Over Services?

Protection of Insurance Coverage

It is not uncommon for insurance carriers to require board up and roofing covering services following a disaster. Why? The faster you board up and cover your roof after damage has occurred, the more likely you are to prevent additional damage. Image you experience a fire that damages the top floor of your home. The roof is gone so the next time it rains, the lower level fills with water. Now the insurance company has to pay for fire restoration and water damage restoration.  They might see this as you not taking proper care of your home and you might get your fire restoration claim denied because of negligence.

Protection from the elements

During a disaster, your home or business can take quite a beating from high winds, heavy rains and debris. Broken windows, damaged roofs and walls can let in rain, snow and wind to cause more damage to your interior and its contents. Water buildup can ruin flooring and carpet as well as damage electronics. Mold begins growing within just a few days, causing even more damage.

Protection from animals

A wild animal doesn’t need much room to squeeze inside.  A small broken window can let in unwanted guests. Dogs, raccoons, rats and other pests can wreak havoc inside a building. Not only will they track dirt everywhere, but they’ll tear up furnishings, urinate and defecate anywhere they can. Cleaning after pests have entered a home is very difficult.

Protection  from vandals

If vandals or thieves gain access to your home, they could damage or remove anything. This could lead to them getting your personal information and destroying or stealing your property from electronics, appliances, and HVAC to plumbing pipes, fixtures and more that could be taken for scrap. There are those who will take advantage and help themselves. At best, they’ll do more damage by breaking things and spray painting walls.

Tarp up and board services are an important part of the restoration process. As discussed above it helps prevent further damage to your home, which is often required by your home insurance policy. To sum up this point if you are facing damage to your home hiring a professional to board up or tarp over your home is the way to go.

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