There are many reasons you may require our regular or emergency board up service. Some include smoke & fire restoration, flood damage, natural disasters, vandalism, break-ins, car & auto accidents, weather damage, or water damage.
When issues like these arise, it can be easy to leave your home “as is” until all the repairs can be taken care of. While it might seem like there aren’t any other options, there are. Restoration Authority has property board up services. We offer these services to make sure your property and you as a property owner are protected.

Board Up Services

Regular and emergency board-up services include covering damaged windows, doors and other openings with plywood. Sometimes you might not be able to address a broken or damaged window right away.  In these cases it is important that you board it up to prevent further damage.  Your broken or damaged property should remain boarded up until you can it fixed by a professional.Board up services are a necessary part of the restoration process. Doors and windows are easily accessible points of entry. They are an easy target for thieves and stray animals. Nobody wants to have to deal with the fire or water damage and then tack on the damage done by thieves or stray animals. Boarding up your property will contain the situation until it can get repaired and back to normal.

Roof Covering Services

Roof covering services include placing a tarp over holes in your home or business’s roof to prevent water from leaking into until you can have your roof fixed properly.  While this sounds like a simple solution, identifying problems on the roof can be challenging without a thorough inspection and evaluation. But until you can hire roofers to examine the damage, we can offer you tarp services to prevent leaky areas from causing water damage in your home or business. Fire damage may also lead to needing roof covering. If a fire is near the roof, it may damage your roof.

Security Fencing

Security fencing keeps unwanted guests off your property and provides privacy. It also offers you peace of mind knowing that your home or business are secure. This fencing will keep people from trespassing from entering the property. After a disaster or during restoration, the building can be dangerous. You can use security fencing to make sure no one who is not apart of the restoration team enters to property to keep them safe. This can keep you from another insurance claim.

24/7 Services

Our team of professionals are available 24/7 to meet your needs. Disasters are unpredictable and we understand they can happen anytime of day or night. We offer round the clock support and services, whether it’s morning or the middle of the night we have someone available to service your needs. Your property should not sit and wait to be protected. Call Restoration Authority to protect your building as soon as possible. Acting quickly can help you to avoid more damage. At Restoration Authority, we prioritize your safety and speed.

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