We all know how sensitive electronics can be. Dropping your phone from the wrong angle can shatter it or a drop of water can fry it. When things enter electronics that are not supposed to, the electronics stop working. Imagine the impact of the air that is so often circulated through electronics with by a fan being replaced by smoke. It can leave a lasting impact. During fire damage repair, electronics are on the list of restorations. Electronics have evolved from lights to video games to computers. They used to be replaceable but now they store very sensitive data.

How Smoke Causes Damage

When smoke infiltrates an electronic, it makes the electronic overheat. This leads to pre-mature failure. When the smoke enters the electronic, it creates a black film over the parts of the electronic. This causes insulation on the heat-producing parts making it get hot. Smoke is magnetically charged. This makes the circuits short causing over heating.

Soot can also cause problems for electronics. Soot is pushed into the electronic through the smoke. It comes in contact with everything in the smokes’ path. Smoke travels to cooler temperatures and continues until the energy runs out. The main cause of damage is the acidity in soot. Acidity destroys metals. This causes discoloration and disintegration in the electronic.

Restoration for Electronics

After a fire, damaged electronics are a safety hazard. This might lead to a fire or other dangerous situations. To be safe, do not turn on any of the items before consulting with a professional. The smoke’s corroding acids will immediately cause failure to the device.

If you choose to clean the items without turning them on, wipe off the residue with a cloth. Taking immediate action will improve the likelihood of your devices surviving.

Helpful Tips Smoke and Fire Damage Repair of Electronics

  • When recovering a computer, the most important part is the hard drive. Every bit of information is located on this. So removing these files as quickly as possible is crucial.
  • If you want to attempt saving the hard drive yourself, you will need a SATA to USB adaptor.
  • Replacing the computer’s battery is the next step in the recovery process.
  • To prevent your computer’s data being damaged from a fire or smoke, consider investing in a backup program that stores the information somewhere else. This is useful for just about any disaster.

Restoration Authority is a full service restoration company. We offer document and data recovery services. Our team will work to recover the data on your electronics so you do not lose anything. We want to help you return to normal as quickly as possible. Smoke and soot can ruin electronics if left uncheck. Call Restoration Authority to restore you electronics and your home or business. We are a one stop shop for all your fire damage repair needs.

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