Who We Serve


Friends and Family

In Difficult Times, We Rely On Those Closest to Us

Whether you are an immediate or extended family member, close friend, a fellow congregant or even a neighbor you may be asked to find a professional and trustworthy company to assist in the cleanup process. Not all companies are created equal – let Huuso's experience and expertise guide you through these difficult times. Our caring and compassionate team members are there for you when you need us.


Community Supporters

Professionals Supporting Professionals

When tragedy strikes in your community Huuso is a reliable and professional solution to all your Biohazard needs. Huuso specializes in assisting families, business owners, and municipalities following a variety of situations. We pride ourselves on providing a fast, discreet and responsible service every time. Experience the Huuso Difference, see our services below and we are standing by to answer your questions.


Commercial & Industrial

Dependable and reliable company when needed most

In today’s fast-paced world, the unexpected can happen anywhere, at any time. This includes everything from industrial accidents to a tenant or hotel guest passing away to the unimaginable mass casualty situations. The experienced team and leadership at Huuso have been helping businesses manage these sensitive situations through fast, discreet and professional cleanup services for over two decades. Our certified technicians operate under strict confidentiality principles and are trained how to communicate and lead during traumatic situations. Huuso provides a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and offers a Proof of Disinfection for your records.



Coming together to provide the best service

Huuso is here to help whether you are a property owner or an insurance professional. Our team will work directly with each carrier and adjuster to submit all paperwork and documentation necessary to process each claim. Our customized software, Huuso CleanWare, ensures that each project is completed with all the information necessary and our team follows all local, state and federal regulations throughout the cleaning process.

Our Services

Accidental or Medical Emergency

In-home accidents and medical emergencies happen every day. Each year over 21 Million American families experience residential...


When a friend or loved one is dealing with a hoarding or extreme filth situation it can...

Homicide + Suicide

The unexpected nature of these events often lead to highly traumatic and emotional situations. After the first...

Unattended Death

When a loved one passes away with the absence of medical care or witnesses it is often...

Illness or Contagious Disease

Preventing and stopping the spread of disease is everyone’s responsibility. But what do you do when your...

Industrial/Workplace Accidents

Injuries and accidents that take place on the job take on a whole different level of responsibility...

Odor Removal

Lingering odors in the home related to the passing of a loved one can make it very...

Sewer Backup

Sewer backups can be extremely messy and cause property damage, but also dangerous due to all of...