• How long does it usually take?

    When the team arrives onsite, the supervisor will perform a required assessment of the situation. Once this is complete we will be able to provide you with an accurate timeframe. In some cases it could be 1-3 hours, in more severe cases it could be 8+ hours.

  • Do I have to be there while you clean?

    Absolutely not, it is completely up to you. Some families choose to be onsite the entire time and others come and go to coordinate other services. In some cases, we meet family’s offsite or even come directly to another family member’s home. In other cases, we handle everything remotely through phone, email and fax. Our goal is to manage every part of the cleanup process so you can focus on your family and other tasks.

  • How much does it cost?

    Every situation is different. Until the scene has been assessed, it is impossible to provide an accurate estimate much like when something is wrong with your vehicle or household appliance. A technician needs to assess the damage and determine the amount of time it will take to remediate the situation. Once we assess the situation, we will discuss with you our professional recommendations. We have a variety of payment options and we will work with you to determine the best approach regardless of your financial situation.

  • What are my billing and payment options?

    Huuso offers a variety of billing and payment options based on the individual needs of each client. It is Huuso’s intention to provide assistance and support to those in need regardless of their personal situation.

    In many cases, property insurance may cover the cost of our service. Our team of experienced professionals will contact and work directly with your carrier from beginning to end, and even manage any additional services that may be needed.

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