Insurance Corner: Who is who?

Insurance companies and contractors don’t always see eye-to-eye.  The biggest surprise to us is how these conflicts affect the policyholders, and how little most property owners know about insurance, the claim process, and your rights.

We decided that we want to share our knowledge and experience to help people better understand insurance.

The most common roles you may encounter

What is an Insurance Agent?

The role of an insurance agent is to generate new customers through sales while managing all of the agency’s customers. They communicate with potential clients about different policies and turn potential customers into long-term clients.  Your agent could play an important role in the claims process as well if you believe the adjuster is unfairly handling your claim however does not determine coverage.

What is an Insurance Adjuster?

When a policyholder experiences a loss and chooses to file a claim to cover the expense of the repairs or replacement, the client submits a claim to the carrier (insurance company). Insurance carriers may send an employee, called an adjuster, to inspect the damage and estimate the costs to repair.

Additionally, there are different kinds of insurance adjusters. We will cover those as well. Sometimes it is confusing when you file a claim and an adjuster comes out to inspect the damage and other times, they don’t. There are different kinds of adjusters and their titles stem from where they work.

What is a Desk Adjuster?

A desk adjuster is an inside employee and typically the 2nd person you will communicate within the claims process.  Once you have filed and entered into the system a desk adjuster will be assigned to your loss. They will decide whether your claim can be handled over the phone or if it requires a field adjuster to look at the damage and see if it is covered.

They estimate and settle simple claims over the phone, so field adjusters can focus on larger claims. When a desk adjuster decides that a loss is too large or complex to handle over the phone, they to hand the claim over to a field adjuster.

Desk adjusters help policyholders get action quickly by settling small claims on the spot.

What is a Field Adjuster?

It is the insurance carrier’s responsibility to restore the property to the state it was in prior to the loss.  Field adjusters (also known as claim specialists or claims representatives) confirm insurance claims and decide a fair amount of money to be given to the policyholder. In property damage claims, the main role of the insurance adjuster is to investigate the claim. They look at the damage.
The field adjuster might also talk to witnesses and homeowners. For example, if a homeowner makes an insurance claim because a tree fell on their house,  then a field adjuster would interview the homeowner,  anyone who saw the tree fall and inspect the house.  After that, the field adjuster sends in a report to the insurance company telling about the tree falling on the house. The field adjuster will make a suggestion for how much money the insured should get from the insurance company to repair the house.

Field adjusters help policyholders by visiting in person, investigating, and determining loss.

What is a Public Adjuster?

Public insurance adjusters work directly for the policyholders. They help businesses or individuals file insurance claims if a proposed settlement seems too low from an insurer.

What is a Staff Adjuster?

Staff adjusters work for one insurance carrier only.  They typically handle a variety of property and auto losses.

What is an Independent Adjuster?

Independent adjusters work for multiple insurance carriers and are not an employee of the carrier. They often work with catastrophe claims and will travel to an area after major weather events or emergencies happen.

What is a Catastrophe Adjuster?

Catastrophe adjusters are on a team that travels across the country a big event causes a lot of claims in one area. It is possible for a catastrophe adjuster to live in California and work in Illinois.
A catastrophe adjuster reviews property damage. Then they make decisions about what repairs are needed and if they’re covered by a policy. Once they have made their decision, it goes to a desk adjuster.

Catastrophe adjusters help policyholders when a big event happens and many homes are affected. They speed up the process by visiting many homes in the area.

All of these positions serve and important role in providing the best care for their policyholders. Remember, the insurance company works for you. As we continue to learn more about insurance, we will talk more about the work these adjusters do and answer any of your questions.

If you have any questions regarding property insurance, please comment your questions below.

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